I love Princeton in the Snow! October 29, 2011

Why does everyone else stay inside? They’re missing out on the smell and the soft sounds and the little hats on the ends of the benches. Every leaf has its own blanket. Tomorrow it will get trampled and by Monday it will be a mess. But here I am catching snowflakes on my tongue, looking and listening and feeling and tasting.

A year ago, I spent the whole first snow throwing snowballs and trying to build a snow man, but this time I am content just to be here.

Happy Snowy Weekend!

Suzanne October 29th, 2011

woohoo! what a wonderful way to spend a snowy day cassie! what i love about the snow is the quiet… there is no other ‘not-sound’ like it….a hush falls over the land

Sharonlee October 30th, 2011

What a difference a year makes. The photo is beautiful. Glad you are taking time to experience the atmosphere this snow has created.

Gnome de Plume October 30th, 2011

A nice lyrical piece.

I miss that sharp crisp smell of new fallen snow. And the sound. There is nothing else like the world muffled by a blanket of snow. I remember waking up and being able to tell just from the sounds that it had snowed, and how much. Not to mention the light! My mother would not let us walk through the front yard after a snow. At all. We could destroy the backyard, but not the beautiful front.

Bob Kincaid October 30th, 2011

Good for you, Cassie! Those who go where others do not have experiences for which others may only wish. Sometimes the time usedost wisely is time spent in quiet solitude, with the wider world pushed as far away as one may get it.

Pellora October 30th, 2011

I am so happy you have discovered The Real Delight of Snow. It makes The World Peaceful and Pretty and full of soft bright Light. It is a real favorite of mine. I am like Gnome’s mother – untracked beauty is to be savored. I always sigh as I let the dogs out to track it all up. But then there is the watching of the dogs playing and romping in the snow – such delight and happiness! Fun to watch. I actually want the back to remain pristine, because I can see it easier than the front. But it belongs to the dogs, and they do need to go outside even on snow days. I don’t mind shoveling as it gives me time to enjoy the atmosphere. Not much for snowblowers and thankfully I live in a place where I don’t need one.

What a nice photo! So pretty.


Cassie October 31st, 2011

@ Bob Kincaid:

On Sunday I had a snowball fight with all the other southern transplants!