MSNBC Looks at Child Abuse, sorta October 21, 2011

Actually, no.  They don’t.  They just interview someone from BBC who looked at child abuse, and even then they talked about correlation instead of causation, and then let a Boston talking head give anecdotes about teen mother he saw in “certain parts of cities”.  He talks about teen pregnancy as a double death sentence with no mention of teen fathers, support systems, extended families, or how teens might prevent pregnancy to begin with.

Joe Scarborough also seems quite content to show that NY is second to TX, which I think is a way of saying blue states are as bad as red states.

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At least the conversation does turn to prevention, that line of talk is generally shut down when the solutions require spending money on poor children.

There are studies out there that talk about causation, but the news reporters on MSNBC didn’t make any effort to tell us which “child experts” they spoke to, and didn’t talk with any professors or social scientists.

Here is the original BBC report with Michael Petit of Every Child Matters: Michael Petit: America can fix problem of child abuse fatalities. I’m glad they’re talking about all this, but can we also address the children who survive child abuse and not simply talk about the children who die?

Bob Kincaid October 21st, 2011

You’re asking an awful lot of the ForProfit Media, Cassie. Remember: this is InfoTainment, not journalism. Sorry to be so negative in that regard, but I’m convinced I’m describing the situation accurately. That’s why the ForProfit Media “enjoys” such low esteem and why citizen journalism is very much on the rise.

LibinSC October 24th, 2011

Been following you for years on You do inspire us. IF you get the chance, please Intern @ . We need your voice there too.


Cassie October 29th, 2011

Thank you. I might!