SNAP, Congress, and my Career Goals June 20, 2013

snapShame on Congress!  Shame for even considering life-risking cuts to the SNAP program!  Shame on them further for the proposal to deny SNAP benefits to convicted felons!

How is it that the same people that would restrict birth control and abortion will also restrict assistance for prenatal care, childcare, and food for children? They are tough on crime while eliminating the transition programs that help convicts return to society and get jobs.  Without jobs, how do they live an honest life?  Without jobs or SNAP or WIC, how do they feed their families?

The answer is that our elected leaders do not work for us.  Convicted felons and poor children don’t make campaign contributions or offer lucrative lobbying jobs to retiring elected officials  and so they don’t count  Their hunger doesn’t matter. Their futures don’t matter.  In the world of government, only the rich matter.  Welcome to our “democracy”.

I write often about my struggles growing up.  I was hungry, but my brother made sure we applied for food stamps.  At the time, my mother had already been convicted of drug crimes at least once.  But we got SNAP.  We got school breakfast and lunches.  We ate, and because we ate, we could study and learn and affect our own futures.  Because we ate at home and at school, we didn’t steal  We didn’t quit school.  My brother went into the army and became a mechanic and I sent to college, where I am now looking at law schools.

Law?  Yes, law.  Not to defend the big banks against government regulators.  Not to work in a district attorney’s office.  Law school because it is the next and best step to prepare me to advocate for those whose voices are not heard in Washington or by state governments.  I am going to law school in order to become  an advocate for the poor, for poor children, for released convicts trying to live an honest life.  I was extremely lucky to survive my childhood and thrive in my education.  I had tremendous help and luck every step of the way and continue to enjoy the good counsel, occasional financial assistance, and indescribable emotional support from adults who chose to be a part of my life.  But luck didn’t feed me or educate me when my mother was unable to purchase food.  The government did, through SNAP and school lunches.  Someone needs to make sure they continue that for the next Cassie, and that someone is me.

RonD June 20th, 2013

Amen, and outstanding. You bring a level of personal commitment to your work that will make you unstoppable. As always, all my best.

Corey Ciofalo June 20th, 2013

Great blog, Cassie. June 21st, 2013

Hey there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Opera.
I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post
to let you know. The style and design look great though!
Hope you get the problem fixed soon. Kudos

Jody Hoevel June 21st, 2013

Hi Cassie – Great blog. I remember the first time you called the Malloy Show….glad to see you are still in school.

Truthseeker in Madison June 22nd, 2013

Mike Malloy suggested we check out your web site. I’m so glad he did. I really appreciate what you’re doing, Cassie. Keep fighting the good fight. You are very inspiring.

Cassie June 22nd, 2013

Thanks for all the comments!

Ed Darrell June 23rd, 2013

You’re right, again.

Good to see you back at blogging.

Law school? It’s a long, tough haul. You can do it.

GWU had a great class we affectionately called “Sue the Bastards.” Every semester they’d target some injustice and find a way to file suit. Some years back they got the Supreme Court to rule that railroads couldn’t charge more to ship scrap being recycled into metal than they charged for metal ores. John Banzhaf led the class, but he’s probably retired now.

Look around for those programs. Might as well have fun and do good while you’re studying.

Al Hood June 24th, 2013

Great blog entry Cassie. You hit the nail on the head regarding our government and who they serve (it is not “us” the regular folk). Heard about you on Mike Malloy. Please keep-up your efforts, if-not for folks like you – I’d say this country was doomed. Good work! Keep it up PLEASE.

Cassie June 27th, 2013

Did you go to law school Ed D?