My CommentsAbout Stubenville March 20, 2013

Is it really possible that I haven’t written a single post here in a year?  How did that happen?  18 credits per semester, a job, a boyfriend, a lack of a boyfriend, etc.  Yeah, a year.  But today I have something to say, so if you are still here, read!

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I graduated from HS almost 3 yrs ago, and even though I was a debate nerd with a final GPA far above 4.0 at a school that didn’t win a single championship of any kind, I was a high school student in TEXAS, and I know a fair amount about the culture that worships Friday nights at the local stadium.

Beginning in elementary school, boys are revered more than girls, strong and large and athletic boys more than anyone else, and eventually football players are archangels. There are weekly pep rallies in their honor beginning in 6th grade, and they can take class time when nothing else is ever allowed to interrupt.

By high school the boys have joined the apostles on Mount Olympus and can do no wrong. They can not fail. They can not lose status except by acting gay or losing on the field.
And girls can’t say no to them.  They OWN the girls. They own the school.  They own it all.
They are what republicans aspire to be.
And so Stubenville was bound to happen — it is only a surprise that it doesn’t happen every year in every state

Aunt Cheryl March 25th, 2013


It DOES happen. Every year, in every school, in every state.

The only difference this time is that someone recorded it, and the comments of the boys afterwards (which are always the same), and got it to go viral, and the girl did something other than drop out, the family did something other than leave town.

But. Don’t you ever wonder why girls don’t major in engineering? Computer Science? That even out of the ones who do finish in these programs, HALF of them are NOT practicing engineers or programmers five years down the line…despite their better grades and better SAT scores?

Because the whole world is one big frat house, and we are just meat.

And this is going on ALL. THE. TIME. And has been for many decades.

It is why we fight.

Watch (or better yet, read) _The Last Picture Show_.

Steve Foreman March 28th, 2013

Cassie, it’s been a while, but you haven’t missed a beat. That keen mind of yours is still moving on all cylinders. :) (BTW, I couldn’t agree with you more. The way the media tried to trash the girl and bemoan the fates of the guys is saddening.)

Might I just say that you have something a lot of these jocks don’t have–A BRAIN.


Cassie March 28th, 2013

Thanks Steve. Some jocks have brains, but they also have a twisted set of morals, especially where girls are concerned..

Cassie March 28th, 2013

Thanks, Aunt Cheryl. I really have a lot of respect for the girl in this case.

dakine01 April 3rd, 2013

Cassie, looking forward to reading your rebuttal to this “Princeton” mother telling women students to go for their MRS.

And welcome back. Your voice is sorely needed on things such as Steubenville et al

Cassie April 3rd, 2013

Thanks Dakine01! The woman is a moron. Is there anything else to say?