Hidden Homelessness November 28, 2011

Good for CBS.


Transcript here.

David November 28th, 2011

I’m speechless, and heart-broken.

Jacksmom November 30th, 2011

This is so heartbreaking. It can happen so fast to so many good and hard working people. It also really makes me angry.

dipper December 11th, 2011

For some odd reason, I’m finding you again Cassie. I haven’t kept up with FDL until recently and thought I’d see if “Cassie @ College” was you. I used to love your comments there and now I’m beyond happy to read you have a scholarship to Princeton. My goodness, how inspiring to know that there are some really good things that happen. Congratulations, do well, and I will come back here often to read what you say.

Cassie December 11th, 2011

Thanks dipper. Good to see you again.