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SNAP, Congress, and my Career Goals June 20, 2013 9 Comments

Shame on Congress!  Shame for even considering life-risking cuts to the SNAP program!  Shame on them further for the proposal to deny SNAP benefits to convicted felons! How is it that the same people that would restrict birth control and abortion will also restrict assistance for prenatal care, childcare, and food for children? They are [...]

Why is the Conventional Wisdom Conventional? Or Wise? January 10, 2012 1 Comment

image via kcur.org Have you ever noticed that the conventional wisdom in a particular area is neither conventional nor wisdom?  Mark Twain once said that “You may have noticed that the less I know about a subject the more confidence I have, and the more new light I throw on it..” Twain also said, ”For all the [...]

Suffer the Little Children November 18, 2011 12 Comments

I’ve always been different from other kids.  Smarter, prettier, more resourceful.  Mostly more resourceful.For instance, in elementary school I carried an empty lunchbox to school most days and a full lunchbox home.  My school cafeteria had a little table near the exit for used lunch trays, and a tray in the back where you could [...]

Blogging About the Most Difficult Subject November 3, 2011 Comments Off

I’m no longer a Texan and no longer a child abuse victim, but I was both for many years.  I’ve blogged publicly about my abuse, my survival, and my determination to stop the cycle in my generation. I try hard these days to blog about other subjects of importance, but there are times when I [...]

MSNBC Looks at Child Abuse, sorta October 21, 2011 3 Comments

Actually, no.  They don’t.  They just interview someone from BBC who looked at child abuse, and even then they talked about correlation instead of causation, and then let a Boston talking head give anecdotes about teen mother he saw in “certain parts of cities”.  He talks about teen pregnancy as a double death sentence with [...]

Misplaced Priorities in Kansas October 13, 2011 3 Comments

Dear Blog, Please accept my humble apologies for being too busy with school, work, and fun to follow politics carefully enough to write blog posts.  Thank you for still being here! Love, Cassie Is the Topeka City Council misguided, fiscally conservative, or just plain mean?  I couldn’t tell from all the news stories about them [...]

Second Hand Kids? April 26, 2011 17 Comments

Dear Michigan Senator Bruce Caswell, Second-hand clothes? Is that the best you can offer? If you’re going to insult kids who’ve been removed from their family of origin, insult us! Call us names. Tell us our hair looks like a rat nest and we look like something the cat dragged in. Threaten to beat us [...]

Asking the Right Questions January 13, 2011 9 Comments

We need gun control in the U.S. We need better mental health care in the U.S. We need better health care in the U.S. We need to start preventing mass shootings instead of just crying when they occur. But first we have to ask the right questions. Would you rather live next to a mentally [...]

TSA Policies and their Effects on Children November 19, 2010 2 Comments

I think the new TSA procedures are dangerous to us as a culture, and particularly dangerous to children.  Read this, but it doesn’t go far enough. When I was in elementary school, we had counselors and visiting speakers from Safeplace who talked to us about molestation, keeping our private parts private, and what to do [...]

My Generation and the Retirement Debate November 16, 2010 3 Comments

There’s a debate happening on the airwaves and the intertoobz of this great nation about the future of social security.  I think it can be summed up as taking place between those with private savings, who can retire at whatever age they wish, against those people for whom the only ticket to retirement has the [...]